Catching Up on #NaPhoPoMo

I did shoot every day for the past few days, but I failed to actually sit down at the computer, edit the photos and post them here on the blog. One fun thing that happened is that I decided to rent a new lens for this week. I have been considering buying at 24-70mm 2.8 lens for quite awhile but it’s definitely not within our budget right now (our entire budget is focused on the adoption), so I thought I’d try renting one. Also I read a review that said the Sigma version of the lens was just as good as the pricier Nikon version, so I decided to rent the Sigma first. Below are the results, except for Day 11 which was taken with my iPhone5.

Day 8: A pink rose from my neighbor’s bush.


Day 9: My husband talking to his buddy about home brewing.


Day 10: Sleepy Pepper needs a haircut.


Day 11: At the playground before school. Check out the hot air balloon in the background.


Day 12: Early morning stretches from my sleepy boy.


Day 13: Putting steaks on the grill for dinner in 35 degree weather.


Day 7: Twins

So it’s Day 7 and I’m still going on posting a photo a day for #NaPhoPoMo in November. A whole week, and I’ve been carrying my camera around, looking at the world differently, and generally trying to stretch and grow.

A couple interesting unexpected things have happened in the past week. For one thing, I’m spending way more time outdoors. I mean, I spend a lot of time running outdoors these days, but now I’m walking outdoors and encouraging my kids to stay outdoors after school, etc. Because…the light! It’s better out there. Also I am talking to my neighbors a little more, which is always a good thing. Talking about photography some.

As usual, I had a hard time choosing just one photo to post. This one of my neighbor’s twins won out, despite some barely detectible motion blur. These kids are just so darn beautiful.


Day 6: Arachnophobia

I am so terrible at choosing just one photo for my daily #NaPhoPoMo posts. Today was especially hard because this time I remember my camera AND my memory card everywhere I went. Which wasn’t actually anywhere outside my neighborhood, but still.

Plus it didn’t rain as much as they predicted it would, so I took a short break from work and wandered around my backyard for a few minutes. That’s where I saw this creepy dude with the hair and the bulging eyes. You might wanna click on the photo to see it even bigger.

hairy spider big eyesThis guy was actually hard to shoot because the wind was blowing the oleander bush around like crazy. Every time I tried to get close enough to capture him, the wind would blow him closer and I would hop back, afraid he might jump on me.

Bonus shot…a cute one of Pepper, the dog, who needs a haircut.


I will be posting a few more shots on my Flickr page and on the Water Water Everywhere page on Facebook, so if you’re interested give those a “Like”. Thanks!



Day 5 of #NaPhoPoMo

Walked to school this morning instead of running. Carried the camera with me and apparently embarrassed my nine year old because of it. I hate that he is of the age where I embarrass him. I want to tell him to quit worrying what other people think of him, especially because of his mom, but I remember being his age and how hard that is.

A walk after the rain means puddles and some nice reflections. I played around with this shot awhile, and I know it could be better, but it interests me regardless.



And because I can’t ever post just one, bonus shots.




Bedtime Sillies

It’s Day 4 of #NaPhoPoMo and it rained, like ALL day. Except for the thirty minutes I went running first thing this morning. If there were a way for me to carry my DSLR while I run, I totally would. Anyway then it started to rain and it did not let up all day. I looked for a few chances to snap some shots in the rain, in fact I found one moment, but then I realized there was no memory card in the camera.

Yes really.

So it came to the end of the day and I was rapidly running out of ideas of what to shoot. But I did not give up! I will always choose something (or someone) living, breathing and moving over a photograph of an object. Luckily my six year old is a pretty willing subject.



Ok so again, I had a hard time choosing. So here’s a bonus shot.