My name is Sarah Hubbell and I am otherwise known as Mainline Mom.  You can follow me on Twitter or Contact Me at sbhubbell@comcast.net.

Water Water Everywhere is my personal blog where I write to encourage others that that balance is possible, harmony and peace in the family are achievable, and life can and should be lived full of joy and not stress. I want my blog to be a place of calm amid the chaos of motherhood. To that end, I write about my perspective on parenting, faith, handling money wisely, and appreciating the beauty in the world around me through my photography, some travel, and fashion.

I’m a very active member of several strong blogging networks including the influential Houston Blogging Chicks and Texas Bloggers. I’m also a contributor to All Things Chic, a popular lifestyle and fashion blog, and Seeds of Faith, a blog for Christian women.

 I’m married to a wonderful husband who founded the number one most visited Penn State sports blog, Black Shoe Diaries.  He’s also a chemical engineer and a great dad.

I have two little boys, Nathan and Alex.  They are 5 and almost 8 and bring great fun to our lives.  I believe in proactive parenting and discipline with grace, and I strongly believe that having a calm household results in far fewer temper tantrums.

In addition to being a mom and wife, I am a chemical and environmental engineer, an entrepreneur, and a portrait photographer.  I work three days a week from home in my role as Director of Technology for a water and wastewater treatment equipment company I helped start six years ago.  That gives me plenty of time to hang out with my kids, manage my home, blog and run my other business, Enlightened Photography.

Most importantly I am a follower of Jesus. I try to do everything with the motivation of giving glory to Him, but I am not perfect and I am so grateful for God’s grace.

The name Mainline Mom comes from my affinity for the suburbs of Philadelphia where I grew up and settled after college.  In 2008 my husband’s job and my aging grandparents brought us to Katy, a suburb of Houston, TX where we love living now.

I am a definite Twitter addict, and you can usually contact me there pretty quickly.

I also love video blogging, or vlogging.

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by here and I would really love to get to know you, so please drop me a comment.  If you really like what you read, you can subscribe here.