Bonjou from Haiti!


Well we have finally arrived at this blessed day where we get to love on our daughter in Haiti. This is for realz, yo. Somebody pinch me.

We got word last week that we were released from IBESR and the lawyer wanted us to come for court asap. So we requested a new appointment with USCIS and they got back to us this past Tuesday with a date of this coming Tuesday. Ha! So we booked flights, packed up quickly, notarized and signed tons of forms, and left for the airport early Saturday morning.

Our flights were easy peasy, save for the opinionated racist (himself adopted 60 years ago) who talked my ear off en route to Port-au-Prince. How do you deal with a chatty, obnoxious jerk who has you trapped on a plane? Smile and don’t say much I guess. He was on a mission trip and at the end reminded me that “the dude upstairs is the one in control” which only served to remind me of how broken even we who claim Christ are.

We met our driver and headed out on the most adventurous drive I’ve ever had. More like an amusement park ride that just kept going up and up and up amid roads that really shouldn’t be called roads. Kathi and Espie met us at the empty guesthouse with Rosenaicha, who was already in her pajamas, sleepy and stunned. Poor child never even leaves the creche (orphanage) and here she is meeting strangers in a brand new place.

We had delicious Haitian bbq chicken with rice and beans and plantains. Rose ate a bit but refused to even think about smiling. She never cried though, just stared with eyes big as saucers.

She let me hold her and after awhile we were left to ourselves. I changed her diaper and laid down in bed with her and in a matter of minutes she was out cold. I had a much harder time falling asleep though, body clock telling me it was only 8pm and mind wired. Barking dogs outside had multiple conversations with each other all night.

Despite a wheezy cough, Rose slept soundly till past 7am when we finally woke her. I guess she’s used to sleeping through the roosters. She clung to me quite a bit this morning and after feeding her and some playtime she is now napping soundly.

So far she is making this easy on me. Mike, not so much, but he gets it and is not pressuring her one bit. She is wary of him.

Well let’s see if this will post from my phone and then I’ll try adding some photos.


8 thoughts on “Bonjou from Haiti!

  1. oh, God is so good!! I am so thankful for your whole family and praying a smooth transition and ease of dealing with Haitian adoption courts. You are all in my prayers!

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