Catching Up on #NaPhoPoMo

I did shoot every day for the past few days, but I failed to actually sit down at the computer, edit the photos and post them here on the blog. One fun thing that happened is that I decided to rent a new lens for this week. I have been considering buying at 24-70mm 2.8 lens for quite awhile but it’s definitely not within our budget right now (our entire budget is focused on the adoption), so I thought I’d try renting one. Also I read a review that said the Sigma version of the lens was just as good as the pricier Nikon version, so I decided to rent the Sigma first. Below are the results, except for Day 11 which was taken with my iPhone5.

Day 8: A pink rose from my neighbor’s bush.


Day 9: My husband talking to his buddy about home brewing.


Day 10: Sleepy Pepper needs a haircut.


Day 11: At the playground before school. Check out the hot air balloon in the background.


Day 12: Early morning stretches from my sleepy boy.


Day 13: Putting steaks on the grill for dinner in 35 degree weather.


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