It’s Finally Race Week!

At long last I have reached the end of my twenty-seven week training program for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon 2013. I’ve put in the miles, worked through multiple injuries, and I’m physically ready. I won’t be breaking any records but unless something crazy happens I will finish strong.

Of course I’m a bundle of nerves. The thing I’m nervous about the most is navigating to and through a race of this magnitude…25,000 runners. I’ve never dealt with corals or pace groups or port-a-potties or even crowds at water stops. But I’ve read about a hundred race recaps from Houston and it sounds really well organized. Plus I’m not alone.

The awesome thing about my Katy Fit running group is that we will meet as a group before the race. My turtle pace group will start the race together even if we don’t stay together for the whole 13.1 miles. I also may to stick around to see my friends who are running the full marathon for the first time finish.

I’m hoping my husband and kids will find a spot to cheer me on in Montrose where the course goes out and back so I can see them twice. I’m trying to decide if I should carry a little camera with me for photos…I love race recaps with tons of photos. But I can’t use my phone for photos because I use the Runkeeper app for music and interval coaching. My point and shoot is pretty bad. We’ll see!

The big thing right now is I’m praying for great weather. This past Sunday I ran my six miles in a cold pouring down rain, and I was miserable when I finished. The run itself wasn’t awful but trying to warm up afterwards was. I do NOT want the race to be like that. I also don’t want to catch whatever bug Mike is fighting off. No kisses from him this week!

Last night I was watching The Biggest Loser and I heard a quote that pretty much summed up my half marathon training experience. “When you start out thinking you can’t do something but you push through and do it anyway, you feel amazing.” I can totally relate to that.

6 thoughts on “It’s Finally Race Week!

  1. Good luck- you will do great! Houston does a fabulous job of organizing and getting everybody to the right spot. Pack warm clothes & shoes for post-race…hopefully the rain will hold off.

  2. Good luck Sunday! Looking forward to hearing about your run. Regarding running in the rain, bring clothes to change into immediately after the run. Makes a world of difference. I learned this the hard way.

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